Return to Being creative during a pandemic!

Layoffs create some confusing dead time for everyone, you can't go out and watching TV, playing video games and scrolling Facebook gets old very quickly! 
My first week was punctuated with a success in genealogical research for a girlfriend... finding her biological father after a search that spanned a year and a half. Connections made, communication and new family to build relationships with. 
 And, I bit the bullet to sign up for an art course with an artist who's abstract style I can relate to and from whom I felt I could learn and grow. 
of course, with any course there are lots of exercises and practise pages and I'm rather attached to my scribbles and such... today i made my 20x30 sheets into concertina books! And they turned out delightfully, they are little pieces of me and I can further personalize them to give as gifts! What is better than sharing my own heart and soul?