Return to Being creative during a pandemic!

I did something different for my Christmas Giving this year, since 2020 was such a roller coaster all the way through and we really are NOT off the ride yet!  Of course, I still did what I could for my own family but gathering was not in the cards.  


I really enjoy doing art, as a form of therapy as I have mentioned before, and sometimes it builds up when you are in that creative mode and thenyou turn around and you have thirty small pieces that are like your children looking back at you saying, ok...  now what?  Well, I put together an auction online and posted a few pieces with full proceeds going to a local charity of my choice.  I posted it on Facebook in a local shopping page that popped up before Christmas where people were looking to support local artisans this year.  It was fun, it moved a few pieces out into the world for someone else to enjoy and raised $150 for my charity.  I think this will be an annual event for me.


I also have done fund raisers for my birthday in the past, so there is another option but it is fairly close to Christmas so I'm not sure if there will be the same motivation for people to shop and support.  It allows me to move forward on the creative part of the journey knowing that I can do something worthy with the pieces down the road.  YAY!